we were founded in 1980
we are a team dedicated to doing great work for great clients, and have a ton of fun doing it.
we will continue to be characterized by innovation and creativity

  • Direct access to east and west coast, and gulf states
  • Provide complete turn-key services
  • Cater to a diverse range of industries
  • Invented Quikwallâ„¢
  • 110,000 sq ft facility
  • Leverage latest and greatest technology & software
  • Sales team of over 25 years of experience

When it comes to meeting strict deadlines or turning little ideas into powerful targeted concepts-challenges are our specialty. The eHouse team is composed of a well rounded and experienced group of professionals who are well equipped to drive your projects in the direction you need them to go. We continually seek to find what out what our customers value, then develop a deliverable that not only works for them, but is a direct extension of their company’s brand personality.

What we love most about what we do is the fact that each project is an adventure that keeps us on our feet. No one project has ever, or will ever been the same. Whether big or small every project provides us an opportunity to explore and discover new ways to incorporate technology, materials, and methods.

this is our home away from home
this is where we explore and create
this is the place where ideas are crafted and made tangible

ensures that all key areas are addressed
keeps everyone on the same page
maintains forward momentum from start to finish


listen > to you + your team
ask > questions about needs + goals
research > customers, industry, competition
evaluate > what we heard + how to move forward

explore > options to discover most effective solution
develop > concepts to visually articulate concepts
share > concepts w/ your team
evaluate > how you responded + how to move forward

refine > concepts to finished state
build > finalized concepts, bringing them to life
launch > for people to experience something meaningful
evaluate > what we learned + how to move forward